Migrant Workers in Japan – Past and Present

28th November 19:30-22:30 @IRA http://ira.tokyo/
Having been heavily involved in demonstrations in the Philippines in the early 1980s and completing a major in Political Science at Trinity College of Quezon City in 1986, Rey Ventura made his way to Japan, where he worked in the late 80s as a day laborer in the area of Kotobukicho, Yokohama. From this experience he has written several accounts of living as an illegal migrant worker, such as “Undergound in Japan” and “Into the Country of Standing Men” which have also been translated into Japanese. Now as an established journalist and filmmaker he here again reflects upon these experiences and ties them to the present. Here we will engage in a discussion about the role of foreign migrant workers in Japan and the personal stories which such workers hold.
*Apologies: Bahag de Guzman was also planning to present at this event but he has been called away to Tohoku on a photojournalism job and will be unfortunately unable to make it.