BABL Black Companies

31st October (Sat) 15:00-18:00 @ Kosaten

What is a “Black Company”?

It is not just a form of sweatshop found somewhere in South East Asia. These are companies with big names, big reputations, which people often compete to get a position in, but which turn out to exploit workers to impermissible depths. From power harassment and sexual harassment to unpaid overtime, extended work hours, discrimination, casualization, short-term employment contract, etc the list continues to get longer.

Black Against Black is a group of activists attempting to draw attention to the exploitative practices of companies which are going increasingly unchecked and resulting in devastating outcomes for their workers. Here they lead a study session into some of the definitions of a “black company”, legal cases demonstrating action which can be taken against such companies and the theory of labor law outlined by a guest lawyer. This is also recommended for art workers.