Between You and Me

Participants:Chanrasmey Koam, Eunseoun Park, Hayakawa Yumiko

Artist in Residence

media + forest

media + forest is a temporary, shifting group of artists and creatives from around Asia, brought together by their continued efforts to open up the possibilities of citizen media and media literacy in offering a voice to groups and individuals largely ignored by the mainstream media. Seeking to highlight new perspectives through easily accessible media they themselves work as filmmakers, producers and media advocates while sharing their skills with wider publics to encourage not only an active creative engagement with media but also a greater awareness towards its manipulations and misrepresentations.


In Japan we very much take media for granted. We are more and more confident that any time and any place we may access a torrent of information. We are eager subjects of “data transmission”. On the other hand not only do we have the ability to receive these signals but also have increasing access to the tools which allow us to disseminate our own “material”. Social media allows us to share the intensely personal with an ever growing network of “friends” and “followers”, but when invested with the power to publish and broadcast do we really want to use this merely to show what we ate last night?

In many parts of the world, including within Asia itself, many do not have the freedom to express their opinions, there is not freedom of press and access to information is a constant challenge. In such conditions, perhaps it is when we are denied such freedoms that we are pushed further to distill what we wish to communicate and share.