Public Policy

Participantsト:Prayas Abhinav, Sreejata Roy, Moe Satt, Nge Lay, Chi Too

Artist in Residence

The issues of the public. Everyday we pass through public spaces, through streets, parks, squares, stations, we motion through a space shared with numerous others, yet what consciousness do we have of such spaces? How do we understand public space and how do we utilize it? Is the public of public space the authorities or the people? Is public space the construct of rules and regulations or freedoms and expressions? What is our policy towards such space?

Dislocate is an annual project which examines engagement with our localities through the potentials of art and technology. This year the project brings together artists from Myanmar, India and Japan in the creative investigation of public space. Each country has a highly different condition and conception of public space, from the well known restrictions of Myanmar, the seemingly ordered regulation of Japan and the colour and chaos of India. Yet such definitions assume a homogeneity of the public, when in fact such a singular entity does not exist, rather being formed of multiple publics and multiple conditions. Here we will explore the ability of art to expand our imagination of public space and reflect its manifold potentials.